11 Lovely Fast-Growing Ground Cover Plants (Partial-Full Shade)

If you are looking for beautiful garden plants to adorn your lawn, go for some pretty ground covers. Ground covers are convenient for decorating an outdoor garden area for an exclusive landscaping view.

Who wouldn’t like a picturesque glance in their yard? Ground covers, especially the fast-growers, can do the job perfectly here.

Quick Tip on Growing Ground Cover Plants: Go for liquid fertilizers over granular fertilizers as it is much easier to absorb and do fertilize your plants 3 to 4 times a year. 

Best Low Maintenance Shade to Full Sun Ground Cover Plants

Pruning is only necessary when your ground cover plant is aggressive and invasive or you need it for a shape and to remove decaying or unwanted branches.

Apart from fertilizer prepare your soil with aged manure, compost, or vermicompost, and dried or shredded leaves mixed thoroughly with soil before starting a patch for ground cover.

How long do they last: Few degrade over time, while few are invasive and will last for a lifetime keeping themselves alive year after year.

Fortunately, these ground covers are supremely easy to cultivate and take care of. You just need to sow them properly and provide some fundamental growing needs like water, sunlight, and fertilizers adequately.

There is a plethora of fast-growing ground cover which have topped the chart with their quick adaptability. Here we suggest the best 12 options for this challenge. Validate them and pick according to the space availability of your yard-

Best Ground Cover Plants for Full Sun to Partial Shade

Best Fast Growing Ground Covers 1 Periwinkle 2 Moss Phlox 3 Aubrieta

  1. Periwinkle:


Periwinkle, especially the trailing species are a great choice to keep your garden ground covered with green and color in one receptacle. This creeping plant produces deep green foliage in leaf shape with bright tiny flowers in vibrant raspberry pink to deep purple shade. It grows rapidly and needs the least caring regimen to thrive.

Soil: Loamy, sandy soil with a bit of clay consistency and well-drained quality

Light Requirement (Shade): Full sun and tolerant with partial to full shade

How Often to Water: Once a week keep the growing medium evenly moist, till the full growth

Fertilizer: Any evenly balanced fertilizer once a month

Climate: Moderately warm temperature above 50° F with full humidity

  1. Moss Phlox:


If you are looking for a colorful groundcover in a colder climate, moss phlox is the best choice for you. It can grow up to 6 inches and can purify the air naturally of its near surroundings. Fragrant flowers bloom in clusters every year during spring and can give your place a dreamy view like never before.

Soil: Loamy, well-drained soil with acidic to the neutral pH level

Sun/shade: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Water: Once a week, except in the rainy season when you can water your plant once every other week

Fertilizer: Any slow-release fertilizer once a year, during the peak season

Climate: It can tolerate frost and high heat both being a hardy plant, keep the temperature above 40° all the time

  1. Aubrieta:


This is an herbaceous perennial plant that can grow in the smallest gap of your garden with the mildest caring. Aubrieta groundcovers can grow up to 6 inches tall with a wide 20-24 inches spread. It grows star-shaped tiny purple blossoms in clusters over creeping stems around light green foliage.

Soil: Lean, rocky soil with a slightly alkaline pH level

Partial or Full Shade/: Full sun to sun with partial shade

How Often to Water: It needs a moderately moist growing medium with a once every 7-10 days watering schedule

Fertilizer: Homemade organic fertilizer in liquid form like compost tea, once a month

Climate: It prefers a cooler climate with high humidity

Best Ground Cover Plants Mazus 5 Big Root Geranium 6 Sweet Woodruff

  1. Mazus Ground Covers


This is one more fast-growing ground cover that is low-maintenance quality. The foliage of this plant grows in glossy green shade and reaches only 2-inches highest at its peak. It blooms in a cluster with purple-colored tiny flowers.

Soil: Moist, rich, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH level

Shade or Shine: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Water: Once a week to keep the soil constantly wet but not soggy

Fertilizer: Any slow-release fertilizer once a year

Climate: Warm and moist climate with a hardiness zone between 5 to 8

  1. Big Root Geranium:


Bigfoot geranium is one more brilliant item to add to your outdoor garden for embellishing it exclusively. It can grow 1 foot tall with a 2-feet spread and bloom vibrant magenta blossoms around bright green fragrant foliage.

Soil: Rich, moist, well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline pH level

Sun Light: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Watering Schedule: 1-inch water per week

Fertilizer: Any all-purpose balanced fertilizer twice a year in a 10-10-10 NPK ratio

Climate: It needs a warm temperature around 60° or above with normal humidity

  1. Sweet Woodruff:


If your garden is covered with long and large plants, you can pick this one as your groundcover plant. This perennial herb can easily thrive in a full shady area with the least caring regimen. It can grow up to 12 inches tall with an equal 12-18 inches wide.

Soil: Averagely rich soil with well-drained quality and slightly acidic pH level

Sunlight Needs: Filtered sun with full shade

Water: Once every 10-14 days with 1-2 inches deep watering

Fertilizer: All-purpose fertilizer in a smaller amount once a year

Climate: It prefers warm temperatures about 50° F or above with high humidity and a 5 to 9 hardiness zone.

Fast Growing Ground Covers Juniper Fern Moss Candytuft

  1. Juniperus horizontalis (shrubby juniper):


If you don’t care about flowers and want to cover your garden round with only bright green covers, pick this one up. Juniper is a highly flexible creeping perennial shrub that can thrive up to 15 feet tall and 12 ft. wide with proper spreading space.

Soil: Moderately rich, well-draining soil with an acidic pH level

Full Sun/Shade: Full sun exposure

Water: Deep watering once every 10 days

Fertilizer: Apply any tree-fertilizer half of strength once a year

Climate: It prefers moderately hotter temperature that is above 50° with a high humidity

  1. Fern Moss:


Fern moss is a normal fern plant with a lower height. It can add your garden a dash of green with the minimalist caring regimen. This is a grass-like fern that prefers extremely high humidity to seem healthy. It can grow up to 2 ft. tall with a wide 15-18 inches spread.

Soil: Rocky soil with well-drained quality and high acidic pH level

Sun: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Water: It prefers heavy watering with frequent misting but is not a water-logged growing medium at all

Fertilizer: Any common balanced fertilizer with a 20-10-20 NPK ratio

Climate: Warm temperature between 60° to 80° F with heavy humidity

  1. Candytuft:


Candytuft is a woody shrub that produces evergreen foliage with wide elegant blossoms. The plant grows oblong foliage in leathery green shade and blooms with abundant long-lasting flowers once a year. This perennial can thrive about 18 inches tall a 16-inch wide.

Soil: Normal garden soil with excellent draining quality and neutral pH level

Sun: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Water: Once a week in the beginning and then, once every 2-3 weeks after establishing properly

Fertilizer: Any slow-release fertilizer twice a year that is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus content

Climate: Moderately warm climate with high humidity

Bell Flowers and Creeping Jenny Best Ground Covers

  1. Bellflowers:

About Bellflowers:

Bellflowers are a fast-spreading plant that grows deep green foliage in a mat-forming shape. This herbaceous perennial produces eye-catchy bell-shaped flowers in light to deep purple shades.

It can grow up to 6 inches tall with 6-12 inches spread and thus could make a wonderful ground cover for your garden.

Soil: It can stand varieties of soil types with well-drained quality and slightly acidic pH level

Sun: Full sun to sun with partial shade

Water: It prefers a rich amount of moist with a 1-inch deep watering once a week

Fertilizer: Any liquid fertilizer once a year, during the blooming season

Climate: Averagely warm temperature between 50° to 60° F with a normal humidity level

  1. Creeping Jenny:


Creeping jenny is a quick-spreading groundcover that grows dense green leaves with spreading stems and occasionally blooms yellow flowers.

The evergreen foliage can conceal your garden significantly yearlong without any additional maintenance. It can thrive up to 4 inches tall with wide 18 inches spread.

Soil: Sandy, loamy, well-drained soil with slightly acidic to the neutral pH level

Sunlight needs: Loves Full sun

Water: 1-inch deep watering once a week and never let the soil completely dry between watering

Fertilizer: Any commercial fertilizer once a year with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio

Climate: Consistently warm temperature between 65° to 75° F with high humidity

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