Weeds or Herbs: 4 Ways to Get Rid of Dandelions

Every year the dandelions welcome you in the spring season with their golden-yellow flowers. Yet, being medicinal and non-noxious they are negatively marketed as a weed in the last hundred years.

Be it children or a grown-up still, you will love to blow the dandelion puffballs (pappus) and catch its seed to make a wish. For the lion’s tooth-like structure on its leaf, it was called “dent te lion” in french, later after years, it became a dandelion in English.

You want reasons to grow or ways to weed out dandelions then it’s a yes. Let’s check into the quick ways to remove dandelions off your lawn and the benefits of having them.

4 Natural and Organic Ways Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds

Quick Overview Dandelion – Yellow Flower Weed (so-called)

  • It grows well on full and partial shade and has a hollow stem.
  • It’s a perennial and herbaceous plant that sometimes goes into a dormant stage in winter.
  • Leaves and stems don’t have hair and eject while fluid when cut.
  • It has lion tooth-like leaves pointing inward.
  • And only one yellow flower per stalk (this helps to differentiate from other yellow flowers weed).
  • It won’t tolerate foot traffic like turf grass.
  • Dandelion seeds and taproot system make it spread easily and survive even in the worst soil conditions, this capability makes it look invasive. Actually, we call it survival of the fittest.

Reasons to Consider Why Dandelions are Good

  • Dandelions are actually medicinal and the whole plant is edible (organic).
  • They are beneficial for a garden as they help aerate the soil and bring nutrients and calcium deep from the soil and make it available for other plants.
  • Dandelions growing in your lawn means your soil is a little acidic and low in calcium and phosphorous.
  • These bright yellow flowers are rich in pollen and nectar to attract more butterflies and bees to the garden.
  • Tea made from dandelion leaves or roots (organic garden without herbicides) is rich in antioxidants and good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Dandelion growth not only nourishes your soil but dandelions also prevent soil erosion at surface level.

How to Get Rid of Dandelions Naturally- Yellow Flower Weeds

How Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds Quick Ways

Use Boiling Water to Kill Dandelions

Using boiling water to kill weeds is easy and cost-effective. Beyond that, it’s naturally safe to prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into the soil. But, stay safe and make sure kids are around while you carrying boiling water and not burn yourself.

Pour the boiling water over the leaves and plant and drench that specific spot. This way you will be able to get rid of it by burning and damaging the plant and its deep taproot. So that it won’t show again in the spring.

Careful you don’t splash on the rest of the plants and grass. Once the dandelion is gone for sure, you can repair the spot/patch later.

Hand-pulling Dandelions: Pry up when soil is soft and moist

The organic and tested but hard way through to get rid of dandelions. But, just pulling them off from the surface level is tiresome and they will spring back sooner or later.

It’s the established taproot that helps the plant to survive for years to come. So, instead of just pulling off the visible section of the plant, you have to take a little deeper to taproot.

  • Nicely soak the dandelion spots the before day.
  • Use a garden spade or fork to loosen the soil surrounding the plant.
  • Now firmly pry up the plant after you have done enough loosening so that the taproot comes along to get the whole plant.
  • If your garden whole garden is filled with a lot of spots it will turn out to be an immense workout. So, schedule each weekend for a section of your lawn/garden.

Hand pulling will only be beneficial if you manage to pull the whole taproot. Even pulling out a few inches deep is not going to help you.

Vinegar and water to Kill Dandelion

Vinegar has proved to be successful for few plants, but it’s not going to be the same for these lion-toothed plants. As we have already seen even part of the plant and taproot can get the plant back to the surface.

Also using household vinegar is not that effective. Use horticulture vinegar which is 20% acetic acid which can least burn the plant down and it dormant for some time. But be cautious to use it with long sleeves and a face mask to protect your eyes, as strong enough to hurt you.

Again it can only kill the plant and few inches deep, so you can’t expect a huge success as advocated by few gardeners.

Maybe a combination of vinegar, hand-pulling, and boiling water can be recommended.

Newspapers and Mulch

Mulching along with newspapers helps to block the light source for the weeds, this will to slowly kill the dandelions.

  • If you can dig deeper, hand-pull the dandelions after making the soil moist.
  • Later place layers of organically degradable newspapers(non-coated ones).
  • Now add compost and mulching material available in your location.
  • This will block the sunlight for the weeds. Longing for the bright light they will slowly die.
  • It may soon resurface in nearby places with its taproot base so, be sure to remove the plant before they mature.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dandelion Yellow Flower Weeds

Quick Recap Dandelions Weed or Herb

Are Dandelions Weeds? No! plant with vigorous growth which not needed or valued at the place where it is growing is termed as weeds. If you don’t like a dandelion in your lawn or garden then it’s a weed for you, but for someone else, it is a valuable medicinal plant.

Dandelions for chickens: Yes the whole plant is edible and chickens love to eat roots and flowers. But, just make sure pesticides or herbicides and chemicals are not used in soil and spray.

Dogs eating dandelions: Just like few pets eat grass for some health reason, your dog is also attracted to dandelions. As it’s good for the immune system and loaded with vitamins to support its body needs and for its healing properties pets love to eat. Yes, it’s also good for guinea pigs, cats, and birds.

Did gardeners weed out the grass for dandelions? Yes a few centuries ago the concept lawn was not there, people welcomed these yellow flowering plants for spring. Even made room for dandelions weeding out the grass for it.

Dandelions in America: Native to temperate climates these plants were widespread in Europe and Asia, yet centuries ago Europeans brought dandelion plants here. Dandelion plants were grown in their garden for food and medicine, but as time pass by for the sake of aesthetic appeal they are now termed as weeds.

Dandelions are invasive? They will spring back season after season with their deep taproot and survive for years together. And they spread easily with its parachute seeds carried away by wind and kids ;D,  they are well establishing themself, this makes few gardeners call it as invasive weeds.

How to kill dandelions permanently? You can use hand-pulling, boing water, vinegar, mulching, and mowing to keep them down. But, if your neighbor is careless of what growing on their lawn and if dandelions are spread over there, then they will knock on your garden soon. So, the word permanently cant be assured with organic methods, maybe pre-emergent chemicals can help.

Dandelions here and there in my lawn: Yes, it’s really beneficial for the ecosystem inviting butterflies and bees and insects for pollination. And it helps your garden, aerating your soil and making nutrients available for your plants. So having diversified with dandelions and grass seems to be okay, but they have overtaken you lawn


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