Pink Bloom: 9 Attractive Trees with Pink Flowers

Who doesn’t love the view of a flowering tree with bright pink flowers in their yard? Well, pink may be a girlish color but every gardener has a fetish for growing at least one or two pink flowering plants in their garden at least once in a lifetime!

Have you ever seen a rosy trumpet tree or crabapple tree or Chinese magnolia tree at their flowering period?  If, yes then, it would be impossible not to crave such plants once in your garden.

So, here we pick the best 9 flowering plants that grow attractive pink flowers that thrive easily in your garden with moderate plant care-

9 Pink Flowering Trees for Your Garden

Pink Flowering Trees Rosy Trumpet Kwanzan Cherry Crabapple

  1. Rosy Trumpet (Tabebuia Rosea/Pink Poui):

This is a small to medium-sized tree that produces amazingly beautiful pink flowers in clusters. A plant can reach a height from 20 to 40 feet with a proper climate. A plant can grow 12-24 inches per year and thus, you need to plant it outside to give the plant the best thrive. Flowers can grow in pink to pinkish-purple shade with a wide funnel shape.

  • Soil: Slightly acidic with well-drained quality
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: Moderately, at least once in a week
  • Fertilizer: Any balanced all-purpose fertilizer with a 13-1-3-13 NPK ratio
  • USDA Growing Zone: 10 through 11
  • Blooming Time: Winter and Spring

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  1. Kwanzan Cherry (Japanese Flowering Cherry Pink):

This is one more pink-flowering tree that produces a magnificent view. A plant can reach the height of 30-40 feet in its full maturity. Flowers look outstandingly beautiful while blooming in baby pink shade forming clusters. The copper-colored leaves emphasize the flowers even more significantly.

  • Soil: Mediumly moist, loamy, and well-drained with a neutral pH balance
  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • How often to water: 1-2 times per week, especially during the primary growing season
  • Fertilizer: Any slow-release fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen
  • USDA Growing Zone: 5 through 9
  • Blooming Time: April
  1. Crabapple (Pink in Spring):

This is a flowering tree that grows lovely pink blossoms with edible fruits. This tree can allure several wild birds to your yard during its blooming time. Plants can grow 25 feet tall at full maturity.

Flowers bloom in a single form with five beautifully curved petals in a deep pink shade. ‘Malus Robinson’ species only grows pink flowers, while other species can produce white flowers too.

  • Soil: Loamy, rich, mediumly moist with well-drain quality
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: 1-inch of water per week
  • Fertilizer: A balanced fertilizer with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio
  • USDA Growing Zone: 4 to 8
  • Blooming Time: Mid-spring to late spring

Note: Crabapple flesh is edible and safe but, avoid the core and seeds 

Pink Flowers and Trees Eastern Redbud Red Horse Chestnut Crepe Myrtle


  1. Red Horse Chestnut (Hybrid Pink Beauty):

This tree can grow long up to 40 feet at its full maturity. At the blooming time, flowers grow in a faded red shade, but over time, they turn pinkish. Flowers always bloom in a cluster over 6 to 8-inch long stems. Dark green foliage resembles amazingly gorgeous around deep pink flower clusters, during its blooming time.

  • Soil: Moist, well-drained, and acidic
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: Average water, around 1-inch per week
  • Fertilizer: Apply a water-soluble fertilizer that must be rich in nitrogen with a 30-10-10 NPK ratio
  • USDA Growing Zone: 4 to 7
  • Blooming Time: May

Note: Horse chestnuts are not edible, they are toxic to humans and pets.

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  1. Crepe Myrtle (Long Lasting Pink Flowers):

Crepe myrtle blooms vibrantly colorful pink flowers that stay for rarely an extended period. These long-lasting flowers grow with curvy edges in a deep pink shade along with a yellowish center part. Crinkle flowers cultivate in a cluster over 5-6 inches long panicle and display an exotic look while blooming in bunches.

  • Soil: Well-drained, slightly acidic that is moderately moist
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: One inch of water per week, especially, during the scorching summer
  • Fertilizer: All-purpose garden fertilizer n 8-8-8 NPK ratio
  • USDA Growing Zone: 6 to 9
  • Blooming Time: Mid-May to early June
  • Growth: Crepe Myrtle grows really fast, nearly 2feet each year.
  1. Eastern Redbud (Pink Small Trees):

This plant grows flowers in reddish-pink shade and usually looks great when cultivated in groups. This is one of the low-maintenance and long-lasting trees to grow in a garden for catchy pink blossoms. Flowers always bloom in buds in pea-shape and reach a rosy pink shade with a purplish tinge while fully grown.

  • Soil: Rich, loamy, and slightly acidic soil that can drain well
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun to partial
  • Water: Water when the top surface of the planting soil turns dry
  • Fertilizer: Any organic fertilizer like manure or compost
  • USDA Growing Zone: 4 to 9
  • Blooming Time: March to May

Best to plant this tree in spring for better results, also these are drought tolerant and don’t have invasive roots.

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Pinkish Garden Trees with Pink Flowers

  1. Mimosa Tree (Persian Silk Tree):

Mimosa tree or pink silk tree is another variant to cultivate in the garden if you like beautiful pink flowers in your yard. This plant can grow 20- to 40 feet long, while fully mature. Flowers of this plant, bloom over the flat top in pale to deep pink shade. Blossoms grow in a cluster with fine silk thread-like petals.

  • Soil: Loamy, moist, and well-drained soil
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: Moderate watering like ½-1 inch per week during, except during the rainy season
  • Fertilizer: Any general-purpose water-soluble fertilizer with a 24-8-16 NPK ratio
  • USDA Growing Zone: 6 to 9
  • Blooming Time: January to April
  1. Okame Cherry Tree:

This is a hybrid cherry tree between two wonderful cherry species Taiwan flowering cherry and Fuji cherry. This pattern of cherry tree grows catchy pink to white blossoms. Plants can grow 15-30 feet long at height maturity. Flowers cultivate in clusters and flowers have clefts at the tips of the petals in oval shapes.

Okame cherry blossoms are not messy, also this pink blooming tree can grow up to 15-20 feet and flowering cherries mostly last up to 40+ years.

  • Soil: Slightly acidic, moist soil with well-drained quality
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun to sun with partial shade
  • Water: Medium water like 1 inch per week
  • Fertilizer: Any organic low-nitrogen fertilizer
  • USDA Growing Zone: 6 to 9
  • Blooming Time: Early Spring

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  1. Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia Blakeana):

This is one more must-have flowering tree for your garden if you love to see pinkish flowers in your yard. A plant can grow 20-40 feet long at its height peak. Plants can grow flowers in different pinkish shades from deep pink to reddish pink and from light pink to purplish red. Flowers grow in orchid shape with flamboyant 5 widely opened petals.

  • Soil: Loose, moist, well-drained soil
  • Sunlight needs: Full sun
  • Water: Once in a week in the beginning and then one time after every 10-12 days
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize 3 times a year with any well-balanced granulated garden fertilizer
  • USDA Growing Zone: 9 to 11
  • Blooming Time: Late fall through early Winter

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