What Kills Your Plants in Winter? Indoor/Outdoor Plant Care

People, who live in a colder climate, are always afraid of the winter for their loving green friends. Most of the plants couldn’t thrive well during this harsh period of the year.

So, it is always better to pick plants that are compatible with the hardiness zone, where you live. What if your chosen plants are not suitable for the hardiness zone of your place.

Then, we must take a few useful initiatives to keep them protected from the grasp of frosty winter days. However, some smart tricks could save you and your winter-conscious plants efficiently in this regard.

Here we suggest those tips, to protect your garden plants and houseplants effectively during the cold sinter days effortlessly-

Winter Season Plant Care Overwintering Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Winter Quick Care Ideas: How to Care for Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are more vulnerable to the winter, as they need to face them directly in the garden. So, protecting methods should be more effective in this attempt.

Let’s get a bit of information about how you can save your garden plants from the grip of winter and at the same time keep their growth rate natural-

Store Them Indoor:

Some plants, especially with tubular or bulb roots, could be stored during winter and replanted after the winter is gone. You just need to follow these steps attentively-

  • Trim back the foliage and dig up the root bubs carefully
  • Clear the dirt with some tissues or paper towels
  • Place the roots in a cardboard-made storage box
  • Now, keep the box in a cool, dry, and low-light area of your house
  • Mist them frequently throughout the winter season
  • Once the winter passes, replant them in your garden bed accordingly

Cover Them:

If you don’t want to dig them up, give your plant a cover to get protected from the direct grasp of frost. Tender garden plants get more benefits from such cover-over. Here are some tips for this method-

  • Apply any old blanket, thick trap cloth, or drop cloth to cover your plant
  • Install some trails around your plants, so then, the cover couldn’t touch any part of your plant anyhow
  • After setting the cover well, tie it tight so, it can’t blow away with heavy winds
  • Remove the cover in the daytime and use it only during the night, to provide your plant with adequate light throughout the entire day

Winter Season Routine to Take of Plants

Install a Temporary Green House:

Installing a greenhouse around the entire garden bed would be another brilliant idea to keep plants protected during winter. Try to prepare a temporary greenhouse by customizing plain household products. This will be inexpensive and easy to apply as well.

  • Install a temporary greenhouse, you can use PVC pipe to make the frame of a greenhouse
  • Now, cover the hoop-house with proper covering materials, depending on your budget
  • You can use transparent fabric instead of glass or goblet materials for the same purpose
  • Do not forget to install some ventilation holes in the greenhouse to let the inside plant breathe well

Apply Mulching:

Applying mulch is a smart way to keep the base and roots of your plant protected from winter. This kind of covering helps to hold the natural heat along with moisture to the root of your plants. Provide a layer of 2-3 inches thick mulching around the base of your plant. Some best mulching options

  • Pine straw
  • Wheat straw
  • Hay
  • Tree bark
  • Wood chips
  • Rubber mulch etc.

Protect from Pests and Bugs:

Try to keep your plant more protected from the bite of pests and bugs during this time. Try to apply anti-desiccant spray on the leaves and stems of your garden plants.

  • This anti-desiccant spray will keep your plant protected from the frosty winter
  • And at the same time, discourage common pests and bugs from biting on your plant effectively
  • Prune your bushy shrub and high-foliage plants frequently
  • And give your plant a nice wash or thorough bath, this will help your plant to avoid such nuisances from flourishing

Validate Regularly:

One more good initiative to keep your plant safe during winter days is scrutinizing your garden plants regularly or once every few whiles. This will keep you updated about the problems and benefits of the winter-care methods that you have applied to your plants.

  • Remove any cover daily around your growing outdoor plants during day time
  • Let them breathe and steal sunlight for their photosynthesis adequately
  • And authenticate in there any sign of pests’ infestation on your plant through this regular validation.

Winter Care: How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Taking care of indoor plants during winter is relatively easier than outdoor plants. Here are some effective tips in this regard-

Protect From Cold Winds:

Try to protect your plants from direct cold winds and cold drafts. To do so,

  • Keep your plants away from an open window, especially during the night
  • Do not place your plant on a windowsill
  • Arrange cover for open balcony or coverless windows, if you place your plant any near such spots
  • And try to put your planter near walls, so, the cold winds can’t reach your plants easily

Water Properly:

Water your plant very less during winter, as the air humidify highly during this period. So, you don’t need to provide extra moisture to your plant to keep them healthy.

  • Water indoor plants only once or twice a month
  • Apply mulching layer around the base of each plant carefully
  • And use only filtered water this time, as tap water may initiate some fungal or bacterial infestation to your plant due to the high humidity level in the air.

Skip Feeding Plants:

The growth rate of each plant turns slow during winter. Thus, they don’t need fertilization on winter days. So, you must skip the fertilizing schedule in these 2-3 months of the year attentively.

  • Try to feed your plant heavily exactly before the frost starts
  • The high-feeder plants could be fertilized with a mild amount of fertilizer
  • Try to use the diluted form of fertilizer, every time you decide to feed your plant during winter

Arrange Shelter:

If you do not have space in your room and have to place your planter near an open balcony or window, try to provide a proper shelter over your plants. to do so,

  • Simply install a sturdy frame around the indoor garden or any individual plant
  • You can use bamboo or PVC pipes or a steel frame in this attempt
  • After arranging the frame, put a plastic sheet or thick clothing layer as the cover on your plants
  • Apply this covering after evening and remove it in the morning consistently every day

Provide Natural Light:

Try to provide your plant with natural light or sunray during the sunny climate. To do so-

  • Bring your plant near an east-facing window or east-open balcony
  • Remove any kind of shade, shelter, or cover from your plants during day time
  • And rotate your plant or give them a spin every few whiles to provide sunlight to every corner of your plant

Use Artificial Warmer:

Keeping the temperature consistently warm is one more key step to maintaining your plants healthy even during the hard winter days. Here are some tips for this attempt-

  • Place a heater or any artificial warmer device near your plant
  • Use it to keep the temperature above 40° F for the whole day,
  • Never let the temperature fall less than 35° F, ever even during nights
  • And you can use a humidifier too, to keep the humidity level suitable for your indoor plants, during this high-humidify season of the year

So, here are some effective tricks on how to keep your plant healthy and living during the frosty days of winter. Look and try them depending on the cold level of the place, your plants are thriving.

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