Giant Leaves #9 Easy to Care House Plants with Big Leaves

9 Best indoor plants with big leaves that beautify your interior – especially for house plant lovers who prefer giant bold leaves. 1 African Mask Plant – 2 Elephant Ear Plant – 3 Majesty Palm – 4 Calathea Orbifolia – 5 Fiddle Leaf Fig – 6 Caladium – 7 Dumb Cane – 8 Ruffled Fan Palm – 9 Hosta.

Keeping big-leaf houseplants to increase the beauty of your interior became the new trend of this era. Not only nature-lovers, but nowadays, people with contemporary taste also like to add this fresh touch to their houses. The benefits are countless to keep an attractive big-leaf houseplant in your room.

However, the best part is that they allow you to change the interior in a whole new way without spending much money, as these plants need low maintenance. So, let’s learn which are the best big-leaf houseplant options we can have in this regard to remodel our house-

Nice & Easy Indoor Plants with Big Leaves

9 House Plants with Big Leaves Giant Indoor Plants

  1. African Mask Plant ( Alocasia – Bright Large Leaves – Patterned Foliage):

African Mask Plant Large Indoor Plants

This is a great choice to go with, for a beautiful houseplant with big leaves. If you are looking for a centerpiece for your table then, African Mask Plant would be a brilliant pick for you.

About the Plant:

  • This is a gorgeous plant with big heart-shaped leaves
  • Leaves grow in the dark green shade with arrowhead
  • You can find a deep purplish hue on the leaves that make the plant even more striking

How to Care:

  • Provide the plant bright yet indirect sunlight
  • Make the potting mix with nutrient-rich soil that has well-draining quality
  • This plant needs a moderate water supply
  • And keep the soil moist but never drenched

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  1. Elephant Ear Plant (Alocasia, Xanthosoma, and Colocasia ):

Brilliant Green Big Leaves Elephant Ear Plant

The elephant ear plant is a tall big-leaf plant that native to the tropical and subtropical regions. This plant can plug a wide range of areas of your house if you can provide it with the proper space to thrive. The living room is the best place to keep an elephant ear plant for the best glance.

About the Plant:

  • The elephant ear considers as a show-stopper for its unusual large green leaves
  • The leaves appear like the ear of an elephant
  • This plant grows purplish stems over the deep green surface of the leaves
  • Leaves can grow 3-feet long and thus a nee lot of space to thrive
  • Can grow tall up to 6ft and even more.

How to Care:

  • This Asian plant requires bright and indirect light
  • Elephant-ear plants thrive best in well-drain type soil
  • Keep the potting mix rich in peat moss with subtle fertilization
  • Place the planter near your window to provide it with the best growing climate
  1. Majesty Palm (Ravenea Rivularis Native to Madagascar):

Elegant and Large Leaves Majesty Palm Plant for Indoors

Majesty palm is one of the most typical houseplants with big leaves to increase the beauty of your house. It is quite difficult to grow majesty palm indoor without absolute care and the perfect climate. You can place this plant in the corridor to get the most excellent view of it.

About the Plant:

  • The big leaves of this plant grow on multiple stems
  • Tall Plant with long arching green fronds
  • The unique-looking leaves remind us of the coconut leaf due to its green fronds
  • This plant can grow and mature 10-feet tall with proper care and adequate space

How to Care:

  • Majesty palm needs bright indirect light, so, put it near an east-facing window
  • Use the succulent-based potting mix to provide moderate fertilization
  • Make sure you use well-drained soil that never allows water to drench
  1. Calathea Orbifolia – Prayer Plant (Bright Large Leaves with Dark Veins):

Calathea Orbifolia Prayer Plant with Large Bright Leaves and Dark Veins

This is a prayer plant with utterly beautiful leaves. Leaves of this plant are not only large but hold an exclusive glance too. If You can offer a wide range of space to thrive and have the good indoor-gardening skill, go for this option undoubtedly to embellish your home interior.

About the Plant:

  • Calathea Orbifolia needs wide width than length to spread perfectly
  • Leaves of this ornamental plant can grow 30cm in width
  • Leaves grow in a huge orb-shape in a deep green shade
  • The scalloped edges and silver brush-marks make the leaves more catchy

How to Care:

  • This plant needs a very particular climate to thrive properly
  • Provide bright yet indirect light like other big-leaf houseplants
  • Choose well-drained soil and keep it evenly moist
  • This delicate plant wants moderate fertilization, so, go with rich soil with a normal potting mix.
  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig ( Ficus lyrata – Heavily Veined Huge Green Leaves):

Huge Green Heavily Veined Leaves of Fiddle Leaf Fig Tall Indoor Plant

Fiddle leaf fig is a great pick to emphasize your house interior with a touch of nature. They grow long with bigger foliage. You can put two planters with huge fiddle leaf fig plants around your dining area for an exotic look.

About the Plant:

  • This plant can grow almost 6-feet long if you can provide proper care
  • You need to plant in a bigger planter for the wide root system
  • The deep green leaves grow with curvy edges and sharp stems
  • Leaves of this plant hold an unusual shine that makes them more eye-catchy
  • Every month fiddle leaf figs grow new big green leaves

How to Care:
  • Provide fiddle leaf fig cooler climate to thrive best
  • The plant needs constant indirect sunlight throughout the whole day
  • Loose and well-drained soil provide the best nourishment to this plant
  • Choose a high-nutrient potting mix rich with organic matter
  • It requires frequent watering and stands moist soil type perfectly.
  1. Caladium (Bright and Colorful Large Leaves):

Caladium Indoor Plant for Big Bright and Colorful Leaves

This is one more appealing houseplant with extremely striking foliage. The leaves of caladium are so much attractive that some people use some of its leaves in a flower vase to decorate their drawing room uniquely. They also share the common name elephant ears and a red leaf variety is also called the heart of Jesus.

About the Plant:

  • Caladium grows large bushy foliage thus, need width space them length
  • This plant belongs to the Araceae family and is a flowering plant
  • It provides huge heart-shaped leaves in an extremely ivory shade
  • The leaves hold a beautiful color combination of red, green, and pink over the white surface

How to Care:

  • Give caladium shaded or indirect sunlight to thrive best
  • It needs less fertilization, so, pick potting mix with moderate organic matter
  • Well-drained acidic soli type suits best for caladium
  • Water this plant evenly and only when the top surface of the soil turns dry
  1. Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia – Wide and Big Bushy Leaves):

Wide and Large Bushy Leaves of Tall Dumb Cane Plants

Dumb cane is a good houseplant to grow indoor to beautify your home-look. This is one of the commonest plants either with big leaves that grow indoor by plenty of nature-lovers these days. This plant looks great in an office area or any wide-open place of your house.

About the Plant:

  • This is one of the most low-maintenance houseplants with big leaves
  • Leaves of this plant have sea-green veins over the dark green surface
  • The leaves come with an elliptic-oblong shape that highlight the overall look more appealingly

How to Care:

  • Dumb cane wants indirect sunlight with partial shade
  • Keep the temperature 60-75 degrees F to provide the best humidity
  • Well-drained soil is the best choice to grow dumb cane
  • Try infrequent watering and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged for the best outcome for your plantation.
  1. Ruffled Fan Palm (Licuala Grandis -Slow Growing Lush Green Leaves)

Licuala Grandis Ruffled Palm Indoor Large Plant

This is one more beautiful houseplant with big leaves to use for a better interior experience. Keep this plant on a balcony or in an open in-house place for the best view.  Keep this plant in your kitchen or dining area for the best view.

About the Plant:

  • This is an easy-to-grow indoor plant with extremely unusual leaves
  • The leaves of this plant resemble like a hand fan in pleated-style
  • It grows in a deep green shade with sharp edges
  • Each leaf is wide and holds several pleats that make the foliage so much classy

How to Care:

  • This plant needs bright to medium but indirect light
  • It requires well-drained soil with sandy loam potting mix
  • This plant wants medium fertilization so pick any organic fertilizer
  • And water your plant only the top surface seems dry completely.
  1. Hosta (Perennial Plant with Broad Ovoid  Leaves):

Hosta Perennial Plants with Big Broad Ovoid Leaves

Hosta is a great houseplant with vivid big bushy foliage. The big and exclusively-looking leaves make this plant a perfect pick to amplify your indoor. Keep Hosta plant near your drawing room to maintain an elegant and charming glance for your house.

About the Plant:

  • This plant grows lush foliage with delicate leaves
  • This perennial extends width-wise rather than growing long
  • The foliage contains a bunch of plenty triangle-shaped leaves
  • Leaves of this plant grow with a catchy white highlight over a green base

How to Care:

  • Hosta needs complete or partial shade and very low light to thrive
  • Make sure that the soil can retain water but doesn’t make it soggy
  • Try well-balanced but slow-released fertilizer for this plant
  • And keep the drainage system perfect for growing healthy Hosta plants indoors.

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House Plants with Big Leaves for Indoor Jungle

FAQ: Large Houseplants with Big Leaves

Are Houseplants with Big Leaves Poisonous?

Some of the houseplants with big leaves are toxic to humans as well as pets, and some are not. But they can harm you only if you ingest them or try to gulp.

Are Houseplants with Big Leaves Easy to Grow?

Most of such houseplants are easy to grow and can thrive through simple caring methods that are suitable for indoor plants.

Are Houseplants with Big Leaves Easy to Propagate?

Most houseplants with big leaves are simple to propagate. There are only a few exceptions, you must verify them by an expert before propagation in such cases.

Can You Place Big-Leaf Houseplants Outside During Summer?

You can put only those big-leaf houseplants outdoor in the summer which can stand direct sunlight. But make sure you offer them a resilient climate while bringing them back inside the house. Learn more about the summer care routine for your plants.

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