The Best Plants for Bathroom: Low Light & Moisture Tolerant

Like any other room in your house, a bathroom will also get enhanced with a touch of nature. What will be more signifying than placing a pretty houseplant into it?

Fancy people have a fetish for embellishing their washrooms as well along with the other parts of their homes. Placing a beautiful plant in a bathroom can do the work singlehandedly with a dash landscape.

Not only that, a beautiful houseplant in a bathroom can balance the humid level and control the air polution at the same time!

You just find the perfect plants that are compatible with the climate of a bathroom. So, here we come up with the best 10 options for you in this attempt-

10 Best Houseplants for Low Light Bathrooms

Best Bathroom Plants part 1 Alocasia Gardenia Asparagus Fern

  1. Asparagus Fern:

It is a good houseplant to grow in the bathroom. You need to know some impotent growing methods of this plant before cultivation.

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • This plant can grow in well-drained loose soil
  • It is compatible with bathroom humidity and low-light condition
  • Thrive bushier and thus you need to give it a wide space to grow
  • Stems can grow 2 feet long with subtle greenish foliage
  1. Alocasia:

This is one supremely good-looking houseplant that grows unique narrow heart-shaped foliage with an exclusive ivory contrast. Some important cultivation details of this plant are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • This plant always needs bright but indirect light with full to partial shade
  • It thrives best in normal potting soil balanced with peat moss to drain well
  • The plant grows lengthwise more than widthwise
  • And it likes high humidity with frequent misting
  1. Gardenia:

This tropical plant thrives greatly in a bathroom climate with some moderate care and attention. To grow this beautiful flowering plant, keep these tips in mind-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • Despite being compatible in a bathroom climate, you must provide it bright light every day
  • It can’t provide flowers until get 6-8 hours of bright light a day
  • Plant it in a loose acidic soil that can drain well
  • It can grow 6 feet tall and spread 1-1.2 feet with a mildly bushy texture

Best Bathroom Plants 2 Philodendron Weeping Fig Orchids

  1. Philodendron:

Some philodendron species like scandens or monstera are a great pick for growing in bathrooms. It can thrive in extremely low light as a washroom. Some essential growing tips for such plants are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • Plant it in any normal potting soil that must be drained well
  • Place the planter away from direct sunlight or any kind of heat
  • Just rotate the plant once every few days to provide it the temperature evenly
  • They don’t need much water or fertilization to thrive
  1. Weeping Fig:

This is a long houseplant to grow, thus bring it if you have enough space in your bathroom. Weeping fig is a famous Ficus species for its super glossy green foliage. Some growing tips of this plant are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • Plant it in a fast-draining potting mix combined with vermiculite, sand, and perlite
  • It seeks bright but indirect light
  • A bathroom climate would be perfect for this plant
  • It can grow around 6 feet tall, so, plant it in a bigger pot to avoid frequent repotting course
  1. Orchids:

Orchid is a famous species of houseplant that has plenty of genera to pick from. Some easy-to-grow genera of orchid are compatible for growing in a bathroom atmosphere, if you remember some growing tips in mind, like-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • You can grow it in a planter normally or cultivate it through air plant forms
  • Use well-drained potting soil combined with shredded bark
  • Doesn’t need much light or high temperature, especially, which are compatible with the bathroom climate
  • Can produce colorful blossoms in a short period of care
  1. Pilea Peperomioides:

Pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant is another great choice to design your bathroom interior exotically. Some important growing tips for this species are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • Plant it in a sandy acidic soil that can drain well to get the best thriving experience
  • It needs frequent watering thus, choose a fast-draining potting mix
  • The plant can’t stand direct sunlight and does best with consistent indirect sunlight
  • It can grow 1 foot long with a bushy texture, so, try to provide it enough space to thrive

Bromeliads Crotons Colourful Best Bathroom Plants

  1. Bromeliads:

Bromeliad is a beautiful houseplant that can absorb the bad odor from your bathroom along with enhancing its look. Some imperative growing details of this plant are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • This exotic tropical plant can grow in bathroom humidity easily
  • The plant can stand warm but moist environment throughout its entire growing session
  • Keep it away from the window and place it in a place where plat can get bright but indirect light consistently
  • Bromeliads produce variegated leaves enclosed by vibrant and long-lasting spiky flowers
  1. Croton:

This houseplant is famous for its flamboyant leaves. Croton is one of the easiest houseplant plants to cultivate in bathrooms. Some significant growing details of this plant are-

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • This plant needs mildly acidic rich soil that is rich in organic matter
  • The colorful foliage of this plant can’t stand direct sunlight and thus thrive best in a low-light bathroom climate
  • It can grow in both high and low humidity but try to mist the plant a little in a low-humid place
  • It can grow up to 11 feet tall and thus, you should always provide it with a big planter and enough space to thrive properly
  1. Dumb Cane:

Wide and Large Bushy Leaves of Tall Dumb Cane Plants

This is another great-looking houseplant to grow in a bathroom climate. Dumb cane is a houseplant with big catchy foliage and thus, you must have enough space in your bathroom to pick this species to grow.

Some Must-Known Facts:

  • It is a hardy plant and thus, can stand any light condition
  • Plant it in a well-drained soil that is quite peaty and slightly acidic
  • It can thrive in consistent low light but try to bring it out under direct sunlight occasionally
  • This can reach up to 6 feet with proper care and suitable climate

So, these are the top 10 houseplant ideas to pick from as a great bathroom plant. All of these options are extremely easy to grow indoors with some moderate caring methods.

Best Plants for Bathroom with Low Light and Moisture Removes Smell

In each case, make sure you provide them with all of these growing essentials accurately to get a successful outcome of your attempt.


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