Why Are My Plant Leaves Turning Crispy & Dry?

Dry Crispy Leaves How to Fix Your Plant

Crispy edges or totally crispy leaves are a common problem of several indoor plants with a lack of care. Indoor plants may look easy to care but they are intricate to keep alive healthily all the time. Simple misconduct in their routine can invite serious consequences to your growing plant. Crispy leaves issue is just … Read more

#5 Things to Avoid: Begonia Care on Watering & Propagation

Begonia Plants Quick Care Tips How to Care for

Begonias are one of the most easy-to-care flowering plants to grow indoors. If you like to cultivate ornamental plants indoors, then, begonia is probably the most excellent one to go with. They happily grow in pots/medium containers with proper drainage and moist soil rather soggy. Also, you don’t need to deadhead begonias as they can … Read more