10 Pretty Flowering Plants With Yellow Blossoms

Pretty beautiful yellow flowering plants for your garden 10 best plants

Yellow is a subtle color and provides a gentle look when decorating a place. This shade gets more emphasized when you merge it with some other bright shade. Quick tip for flowering plants: Prune your plants, and provide rich compost or vermicompost to add potassium and phosphorous which encourage flowering and prevent buds fall off. … Read more

12 Promising Plants for Hydroponics: Best Veggies & Fruits (Pics)

Better Result giving hydroponic plants Basil, chive, chamomile

Different plants need different types of soil to thrive well. Sometimes your whole effort of gardening may spoil due to choosing the wrong potting or garden soil. Growing plants in the soil also compel us to look after a few intricate things. Such as the looseness of the soil, pH balance, proper drainage quality of … Read more

Happy Desk: 12 Best Keep Calm Plants for Your Office

12 Best Office Plants for Your Desk Reduce Stress and Increase Focus

Like our houses, even the office interior should be decorated with some useful objects. What would be more delightful than a beautiful houseplant on your desk or corner of the cabin? A beautiful and growing houseplant in an office room can peak your mood, inspire you for everyday work, and clean up the air of … Read more

10 Evergreen Climbing Plants for Your Garden (Fences & Walls)

Best Evergreen Climbing Plants for Your Garden Fences and Trellis

Climbing plants always enhance the beauty of our yard more attractively. They steal a perfect landscape view when spread over fences, walls, the gate, the gazebo, arches, obelisks, and garden beds. These climbers can provide a never-ending peek of elegance while coming in evergreen forms. Here we emerge with the 10 best evergreen climbing plants … Read more

12 Blue Flowering Plants for Indoor & Outdoor Garden

Beautiful Plants with Blue Flowers Bellflowers Blue Gentian Grape Hyacinth

Blue is an imperial shade indeed, and it can add a dash of royalty when included in your garden area. From indigo to teal and from turquoise to navy blue, any pattern of blue seems amazing, when comprised in a flowering garden. If you are planning to have a vibrant decorative garden in your yard or … Read more

10 Attractive Lush Plants for Hanging Pots (W Flower Pictures)

Growing plants in a hanging basket are always easier to maintain. You don’t need to be always cautious to save your plant from the grasp of your destructive toddler or naughty house pets. Plants, that grow in a hanging basket, are also very low-keep. The only thing you need to remember here is that your … Read more

15 Plants With Catchy Bell-Shaped Flowers

Beautiful Plants Bell Shaped Flowers Campanula Betulifolia

Plants with bell-shaped flowers are sheer pleasing to the eyes. You can revamp the whole glance of your yard with just some flowering plants that grow beautiful bellflowers. Blossoms in handbell or church-bell shapes provide a natural unique peek into your garden area. They look even catchier when blooming in different vibrant shades. If you … Read more

9 Best Variegated Houseplants (Beautiful Leaf Patterns)

Attractive Variegated Indoor Plants with Leaf Patterns Part2

Variegated plants are those species, which grow foliage in more than one shade, unlike normal plant leaves. Consequently, such plants provide an exclusive ravishing look to your plant when you cultivate them indoors. Before we jump to the list of variegated houseplants check out the following Variegated Indoor Plants Essentials Fertilizer for Varigated Houseplants: Don’t … Read more

The Best Plants for Bathroom: Low Light & Moisture Tolerant

Best Bathroom Plants part 1 Alocasia Gardenia Asparagus Fern

Like any other room in your house, a bathroom will also get enhanced with a touch of nature. What will be more signifying than placing a pretty houseplant into it? Fancy people have a fetish for embellishing their washrooms as well along with the other parts of their homes. Placing a beautiful plant in a … Read more

Water Garden: 10 Best Aquatic Plants for Small Ponds

Best Plants for Small Backyard Pond - Water Garden Plants

Gardeners, who are fortunate enough to have a wide outdoor space in their yard, often agree to water gardening. Growing plants in your pond are always fascinating. So, if you have some extra space in your yard, just go for the water gardening option without thinking twice! You just need to install an artificial pond … Read more