How Often to Water? Snake Plant Care & 3 Ways to Propagate

Snake Plant Complete Care - Soil Watering Sunlight Needs and Humidity

Dracaena trifasciata aka snake plant is one of the most adaptable houseplants of all time. Its low-maintenance quality makes this plant a quick pick for any indoor gardener. This hardy plant requires only some basic planting needs to thrive. This species of the Asparagaceae family is native to tropical West America, which makes it such … Read more

Geranium Care AZ: Yellowing Leaves & No Flowers

Geranium Yellowing Leaves Reasons and Fix - Watering and Fertilizing

Geraniums also called crane’s-bill are beautiful flowering plants that add a dash of color to your garden. It is highly appreciated for its vivacious blossoms and nice fragrance. Due to its high scent, this plant works as a natural repellent for pests or bugs. You can grow them easily in an open yard or a … Read more

Why My Baby’s Tears Plant is Dying? (Quick Care Tips)

Baby's tears angel tears plant care quick tips

Soleirrolia soleirolii is a beautiful ornamental purpose plant that has several other exclusive names including baby’s tears. This species of nettle family usually thrives best in an open outdoor garden with partial shade. Baby tears plants are best for hanging planters and ground cover, it prefers shade or indirect sunlight. Preferred for its lunch green … Read more

How Not to Kill: Succulents Quick Care – How Often to Water

Succulents Plant Complete Care - How often to Water

Succulents are one of the favorites for the majority of plant-lovers who choose to grow them as their houseplants for low maintenance and appearance. Succulents store water by themself and they are drought-tolerant by nature, but they do need water. While overwatering can kill your succulents, so be precise and stick to a watering schedule … Read more

African Violets Quick Care Tips: Fertilizer Needs & Propagation

Quick Care Tips for African Violets Fertilizer Needs

African violets are one beautiful houseplant that grows lovely flowers in clusters in different vibrant shades including violet ones. If you are planning to cultivate flowering houseplants, go for this easy-to-grow without thinking twice. This herbaceous perennial plant can add an exotic tropical essence to your place when fully grown. Here are some growing tips … Read more

Save An Overwatered Rubber Plant: Quick Tips

How to Save an overwatered rubber plant step by step

It is definitely a great choice to cultivate a rubber plant to embellish your home interior with greens. However, sometimes, any negligence in your caring regimen could bring an unpleasant outcome to your plant. Overwatering is one of the most emblematic causes that could kill a rubber plant within a few days. If you plan … Read more

My Ponytail Turning Brown: Revive a Dying Plant

Dying Ponytail Plant Turning Brown Ways to Attend

Ponytail or ponytail palm is a unique-looking ornamental plant. This species of the Asparagaceae family is native to eastern Mexico and related to the true palm genus. A ponytail plant can thrive under any preferable gardening climate with the mildest care. This quality makes this palm species a noted place among the other bonsai houseplant … Read more

My Aglaonema Plant Leaves Turning Yellow: Reason & Fix

Our Garden Plant Aglaonema Drooping Leaves and Dying Plant Care

Aglaonema aka Chinese evergreen is an ornamental houseplant. This species of arum family can thrive in low light and thus, grows easily as a great indoor plant. Drooping Aglaonema: Not enough sunlight and uneven watering (over/underwatering) could drive your plant to droop and die. Soggy soil and insufficient nutrient-rich soil and root rots are common … Read more

Brown Spots & Yellowing Leaves: ZZ Plant Complete Care

How to take care of zz plant yellowing leaves causes and fix

Zanzibar gem or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia aka ZZ plant is a decorative flowering plant, from the Araceae family. This perennial species of Zamioculcas is native to the tropical regions of eastern Africa. The waxy and sleek foliage of this plant gives it a spectacular elegancy. Thus, you will find several people use the potted ZZ plants … Read more