Fix Leggy & Drooping Hydrangea: Bulky Stem For Better Blooms

How to fix my leggy hydrangea make stems stronger for better blooms

Sometimes an unwanted thrive on your hydrangea plant leads it towards a leggy form. This problem occurs when a plant grows taller than the height its stem can support. This spindly condition let the top of the stem drop down to the ground, especially when it started blooming. A growing hydrangea mostly turns leggy due … Read more

Make My Hydrangea Bushy: When to Plant & How to Often to Feed

When and How to plant and feed your Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a flowering plant that includes almost 75 different species in its single genera. This deciduous shrub is very popular among new-age gardeners due to being spectacular ornamental plant. Its flower bunches can grow in various vibrant shades and appear mesmerizing when blooming around varying deep green foliage. It is a drought-tolerant flowering shrub … Read more

Why My Hydrangeas Won’t Bloom? Fix (How to Change Color)

How hydrangea changes color how to manipulate soil pH for blue and pink Flowers

Hydrangea is a flowering plant that produces a stunning view while fully blooming. Whether it grows in an outdoor orchard or a small indoor garden area, hydrangea eternally looks ravishing due to its vibrant blossoms. This beautiful plant has almost 75 species in its single genera. This plant is very particular about its basic growing … Read more

How to Use Eggshells in My Garden: Eggshells for Plants & Birds

We always throw the eggshells in a trash bin after using the white and yolk, which makes tons and tons of shells end in landfills. But do you have any idea how much nutrients those crunchy eggshells hold in themselves? Well, once you realize that an eggshell is a powerhouse of calcium, potassium, and phosphoric … Read more