Fix Leggy & Drooping Hydrangea: Bulky Stem For Better Blooms

How to fix my leggy hydrangea make stems stronger for better blooms

Sometimes an unwanted thrive on your hydrangea plant leads it towards a leggy form. This problem occurs when a plant grows taller than the height its stem can support. This spindly condition let the top of the stem drop down to the ground, especially when it started blooming. A growing hydrangea mostly turns leggy due … Read more

Why Are My Seedlings and Plants Leggy? Reaons & Fix

Why are my seedings and plants look leggy reasons for leggy plants

Leggedness in plants and seedlings is a very common issue for several indoor and outdoor plants. When a growing plant starts producing untidy spindly branches or stems, it’s called leggy. Leggy Plants In short: Too much nitrogen or very less light makes the plant lean (light craving) and search for light making it look leggy … Read more

My kalanchoe Plant is Leggy & Not Blooming

Why My Kalanchoe Not Bloom Not Flowering Plant Care

Kalanchoe is a common flowering plant with attractive variegated flowers. This is a genus of 125 species of tropical flowering plants. Kalanchoe plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to the extremely warm climate of tropical Africa. Due to being a hardy acme succulent, kalanchoe is easy to grow in outdoor garden areas. … Read more