Likes Sun or Shade? Save a Dying Umbrella Plant (Reasons & Fix)

Why My Schefflera is Wilting How to Save a Dying Plant

Want to give your house interior a dash of bold tropical glance, Schefflera is the best choice for you. A Schefflera aka umbrella plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that is easy to cultivate in a normal home climate. The best part is that a Schefflera plant even can tolerate a little negligence from a gardener … Read more

Why My Schefflera Plant is Losing Leaves? Care & Propagation

Title Image Schefflera Plant Trulyhandpicked

Schefflera plant (Dwarf Umbrella Plant) is a beautiful flowering plant from the Araliaceae family. Plants grow in different criteria including trees, shrubs, and lianas. Being a medium to low light plant, Schefflera does extremely well while growing indoors. Its unique-looking foliage gives an eye-treat while placed in a room. The Schefflera plant is also known … Read more