Why My Geraniums Are Dying: Reasons & How to Revive

Why Geraniums are dying reasons and fix and how to care for your plants

Geranium can grow from seeds quickly with growing provisions and a little care. However, geraniums thrive more rapidly while cultivated from cuttings or small plant forms instead of seeds. Why Geraniums are Dying: Either its frost (will come back in spring), under or over watering (watering stress), not enough sunlight, low humid places, overfeeding in … Read more

Save An Overwatered Rubber Plant: Quick Tips

How to Save an overwatered rubber plant step by step

It is definitely a great choice to cultivate a rubber plant to embellish your home interior with greens. However, sometimes, any negligence in your caring regimen could bring an unpleasant outcome to your plant. Overwatering is one of the most emblematic causes that could kill a rubber plant within a few days. If you plan … Read more

How To Save An Overwatered Succulent (Signs & Fix)

Steps to Revive your Over Watered Succulents

Succulents are the most low-maintenance houseplants that can provide you with an exotic desert look with minimal caring. A thriving succulent appears mesmerizing in any corner of your house. Unfortunately, these houseplants could ruin the entire view of your place while appearing in dry or rotten forms. Overwater in the commonest causes always works behind … Read more

Fix Leaves Falling Off: Jade Plant Care & Propagation

How to care for Jade Plant Soil Sunlight and Watering

Jade plants are sun-loving succulents, prefer well-draining loamy acidic soil. Cactus potting mix and occasional watering and addressing bugs and mites with rubbing alcohol and neem oil will keep your jade plants healthy. This way with proper care and optimal watering you can prevent jade plant leaves from falling off and can live for decades … Read more

Revive A Dying Dracaena Marginata: How to Propagate & Care

Pinterest Image on Dragon Tree Care Soil, Growth Propagation and Overwatered Revival Care

Dragon Tree Quick Care:¬†Dracaena marginata is shade tolerant but the bright indirect light-loving plant and prefers loamy soil which retains water but is not soggy. Deep watering weekly once and fertilizing yearly once is good enough for healthy growth.¬† Prune off damaged leaves and look for pests, trim rotten roots and repot if the plant … Read more

You Can Save an Overwatered Peace Lily & Fix Yellow Leaves

How often to water a peace lily plant

Signs Your Peace Lily is Overwatered: Plant will have stunted growth, drooping leaves along with dark patches and yellowish edges. Leaves curl with brownish hues, rotten roots, mold on the soil surface, and eventually a weak and dull-looking peace lily. How to Revive Your Peace Lily: Bring the plant to a bright place, trim off … Read more