12 Best Plants That Survive Without Water (Drought Tolerant)

Drought Tolerant Plants That Require Less Watering Lavender Sage Bougainvillea

Drought-tolerant plants are like boons for people, who don’t have time for regular gardening. You don’t have to water them daily or weekly with a consistent watering schedule. These kinds of plants can be kept in underwatering conditions for long and still do well being buoyant. Fortunately, the list of such plants is long! Here … Read more

Why My Poinsettia is Dropping & Dying?(Reasons-Fix)

Why My is Poinsettia Dying - Reasons and Complete Plant Care

Poinsettia is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that symbolizes purity, success, and cheers. This plant can make a great garden plant and houseplant with reasonable care. Poinsettia has been considered a significant plant since the ancient Aztec culture. Even new-age gardeners love this plant as one of the easy-to-grow flowering plants to cultivate. No matter whether … Read more

Brown Leaf Edges: Spider Plant Care & Baby Propagation

Spider Plant watering soil potting mix and pot quick care tips

Brown leaf edges of spider plants: It mainly occurs when it’s under harsh or direct sun, underwatered, overwatered, aging, and producing baby spider plants. It’s okay and good to trim off the brown parts of your spider plants for the plant to focus its energy where needed. Move to an ample airy place with full-day … Read more

Dying Hibiscus & Yellowing Leaves: Propagation & Care

Hibiscus Flowering Plant Care

Hibiscus is a stunning flowering plant from the mallow family of the Malvaceae genus. The main genus is quite hefty and incorporates almost hundreds of species. Hibiscus plants are native to the warmer tropical climate but easily adaptable to normal home temperatures. Thus, you can grow a healthy hibiscus plant easily in any corner of … Read more

What Not to Do? Bromeliads Complete Care

How to Care for Bromeliads Quick Care Ideas Watering Pruning and Propagation

Bromeliads are not easy to care houseplants which require bright indirect sunlight and optimum watering and fertilizer sparingly. Watering at regular intervals to keep the soil moist is enough rather than watering it to make it soggy. Check for proper drainage and pests to keep your bromeliads healthy and shine bright. Bromeliads will bloom only … Read more