Geranium Care AZ: Yellowing Leaves & No Flowers

Geranium Yellowing Leaves Reasons and Fix - Watering and Fertilizing

Geraniums also called crane’s-bill are beautiful flowering plants that add a dash of color to your garden. It is highly appreciated for its vivacious blossoms and nice fragrance. Due to its high scent, this plant works as a natural repellent for pests or bugs. You can grow them easily in an open yard or a … Read more

Why My Cordyline TI Plant is Dying: Reasons & Fix

Reasons why your Cordyline Ti plant is Dying - Complete Plant Care

Cordyline plants are hugely appreciated as ornamental houseplants due to their big and variegated foliage. This is a woody monocotyledonous blooming plant that incorporates almost 15 species in its single category. Red star cordyline is a specific genus of Ti plant that needs a bit of attention while growing in a restricted indoor climate. Let’s … Read more

What Kills Your Plants in Winter? Indoor/Outdoor Plant Care

Winter Season Plant Care Overwintering Indoor and Outdoor Plants

People, who live in a colder climate, are always afraid of the winter for their loving green friends. Most of the plants couldn’t thrive well during this harsh period of the year. So, it is always better to pick plants that are compatible with the hardiness zone, where you live. What if your chosen plants … Read more