My Snake Plant Leaves are Yellow and Broken (Reasons and Fix)

Fix Broken Leaves of Snake Plant Reasons and Fix

The snake plant is a gorgeous houseplant that is appreciated for its glossy and big foliage. This indoor decorative plant can provide an unavoidable exotic look to your place with a minimal maintenance routine. However, consistent negligence in their caring regimen could invite some harmful issues in your favorite plant. Broken leaves (Quick Read): Your … Read more

Fix Losing Colors: (Qcare) Make Your Coleus Bushy & Grow Fast

How to make my coleus bushy

Coleus is a super attractive ornamental shrub or herb. This species can grow with tuberous rootstocks as well as a succulent sometimes. Native to tropical and subtropical areas it belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Coleus is an annual perennial that thrives best when cultivated as houseplants. You need to provide a moist growing medium, enough … Read more

12 Pleasing & Easy to Care Indoor Flowering Plants

Best Indoor Plants That Gives Beautiful Blooms_Flowering Indoor Plants

Decorating house interiors with beautiful plants has become a new trend of this era. You may notice that ample modern-age interior designers suggest embellishing our indoor place with some vibrating flowering plants instead of artificial and expensive showpieces. Quick tips to keep your indoor plants happy and flowering: Lack of light and soil nutrients are … Read more

My Philodendron Leaves Turn Yellow? (Plant Care & Propagation)

Why My Philodendron Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Philodendron is a large genus of big-foliage flowering plants from the Araceae family. Its vibrant green leaves give this species its true value as an ornamental plant. Philodendron is also known as an elephant ear due to its unique shape. There are several types of wide-leaf species are included in this single species. However, the … Read more

How to Fix My Syngonium Curling & Yellowing Leaves

Syngonium Plant Leaves are Curling Reasons and How to Fix

Why Are My Arrowhead Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? Arrowhead plant is the common name of the Syngonium plant. This plant grows attractive spade-like leaves in a quiet arrow shape. Leaves breed in various types of green shades starting from deep green to light green, sea green, or even lighter tannins, and sometimes, in a pinkish … Read more

Why & How to Use Soaked LECA for Plants

How to use LECA why rinse soak and plant in leca clay balls

Leca/Hydroton/Expanded Clay Balls is a growing medium that uses to grow plants instead of soil. It is an acronym positioned for its lightweight expanded clay aggregate forms. This product is prepared by baking clay balls and uses after moistening with water. Several modern-age gardeners apply this substitute of soil for their plantation after soaking them … Read more

Likes Sun or Shade? Save a Dying Umbrella Plant (Reasons & Fix)

Why My Schefflera is Wilting How to Save a Dying Plant

Want to give your house interior a dash of bold tropical glance, Schefflera is the best choice for you. A Schefflera aka umbrella plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that is easy to cultivate in a normal home climate. The best part is that a Schefflera plant even can tolerate a little negligence from a gardener … Read more