These Plants Easily Grow From Cuttings in Soil & Water

Best and easy plants to grow from cuttings in soil and water

Who doesn’t like to see a thriving garden area with lots of bushes? A wide yard always seems attractive when adorned with varieties of plants, whether they are green bushes or colorful flowering plants. Now, embellishing your outdoor lawn or an extended indoor garden area with varieties of plants is not a trifling matter. You … Read more

Geranium Care AZ: Yellowing Leaves & No Flowers

Geranium Yellowing Leaves Reasons and Fix - Watering and Fertilizing

Geraniums also called crane’s-bill are beautiful flowering plants that add a dash of color to your garden. It is highly appreciated for its vivacious blossoms and nice fragrance. Due to its high scent, this plant works as a natural repellent for pests or bugs. You can grow them easily in an open yard or a … Read more

My Canna Lily Not Blooming: Complete Plant Care

Canna Lily Plant Blooming Care

Canna lily is a lovely flowering plant from the family of Cannaceae. This single genus consists of almost 10 varieties of different species, which bloom different sorts of blossoms. Canna lily generally blooms mid-summer to fall but you need to take proper care consistently throughout the entire year with its preferred requirements. Canna Lily Plant … Read more