Why & How to Use Soaked LECA for Plants

How to use LECA why rinse soak and plant in leca clay balls

Leca/Hydroton/Expanded Clay Balls is a growing medium that uses to grow plants instead of soil. It is an acronym positioned for its lightweight expanded clay aggregate forms. This product is prepared by baking clay balls and uses after moistening with water. Several modern-age gardeners apply this substitute of soil for their plantation after soaking them … Read more

How You Can Fix Root Rot in Aloe Vera

How to Save a Dying Aloe Vera from Root Rot

Aloe vera is undoubtedly a magnificent herb with some magical properties. Its easy-to-maintain excellence makes this one a quick pick for plenty of indoor gardeners. However, sometimes, a few misconceptions in their caring regimen could drive root rot in your favorite plant. Basically, the intricate root system of this herb is vulnerable. Probably that’s why … Read more

Why My Money Tree is Dying? How to Revive (Signs & Fix)

The money plant or Pachira Aquatica aka money tree is a stunning ornamental plant. Apart from its exotic looks, people often pick this plant as their houseplant due to its low-maintenance quality. However, some major disarrangements in their growing circumstance could kill a healthy money tree rapidly. Sometimes you will find that your growing money … Read more