Tropical Plants: Top 10 Hoya Plant Varieties (With Pictures)

Top Hoya Plant Varieties with pictures

Despite being an easy-to-care plant, you should be picky about some particular species of hoya; especially, when you are growing it indoors. Hoyas belong to the milkweed or Apocynaceae family. Different varieties demand different types of caring methods. However, hopefully, there are some species too, which respond with the common growing essentialities, which are preferred … Read more

My Sweetheart Hoya kerrii Leaves Turning Yellow (Reasons & Fix)

Why my sweetheart hoy kerrii leaves are turning yellow reasons and fix

Sweetheart hoya or hoya Kerrii is a highly noted succulent due to its exclusive heart-shaped texture. Native to southeast Asia, this plant could be a great indoor plant for its easy maintenance value. The perfect heart shape of this tropical luscious vine brings many other interesting names to it, including the valentine plant. Here are … Read more

Yellowing Leaves of Donkey’s Tail Plant: Reasons & Fix

How to Fix a Dying Donkey's tail Succulent Png

A donkey’s tail (Sedum morganianum) is a beautiful ornamental succulent. It grows best vertically in a hanging basket or dangling planter. This perennial succulent belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to the southern part of Mexico country. It produces trailing stems in a bluish-green shade and blooms with pink to red blossoms sometimes. … Read more