My Philodendron Leaves Turn Yellow? (Plant Care & Propagation)

Why My Philodendron Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Philodendron is a large genus of big-foliage flowering plants from the Araceae family. Its vibrant green leaves give this species its true value as an ornamental plant. Philodendron is also known as an elephant ear due to its unique shape. There are several types of wide-leaf species are included in this single species. However, the … Read more

My kalanchoe Plant is Leggy & Not Blooming

Why My Kalanchoe Not Bloom Not Flowering Plant Care

Kalanchoe is a common flowering plant with attractive variegated flowers. This is a genus of 125 species of tropical flowering plants. Kalanchoe plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to the extremely warm climate of tropical Africa. Due to being a hardy acme succulent, kalanchoe is easy to grow in outdoor garden areas. … Read more

My Canna Lily Not Blooming: Complete Plant Care

Canna Lily Plant Blooming Care

Canna lily is a lovely flowering plant from the family of Cannaceae. This single genus consists of almost 10 varieties of different species, which bloom different sorts of blossoms. Canna lily generally blooms mid-summer to fall but you need to take proper care consistently throughout the entire year with its preferred requirements. Canna Lily Plant … Read more

Bird of Paradise Curling & Wont Bloom

Complete care propagation and quick tips for bird of paradise plant

Are Bird of Paradise Toxic to Cats? Strelitzia aka bird of paradise is a gorgeous flowering plant. Despite its amazing bird-like flowers, several gardeners avoid bringing or cultivating this plant at home due to its toxicity. Unfortunately, the bird of paradise is completely poisonous to house pets including cats and dogs. Why is it Toxic … Read more

Why My Cordyline TI Plant is Dying: Reasons & Fix

Reasons why your Cordyline Ti plant is Dying - Complete Plant Care

Cordyline plants are hugely appreciated as ornamental houseplants due to their big and variegated foliage. This is a woody monocotyledonous blooming plant that incorporates almost 15 species in its single category. Red star cordyline is a specific genus of Ti plant that needs a bit of attention while growing in a restricted indoor climate. Let’s … Read more

Save My Dying Watermelon Peperomia (Reasons & Fix)

Reasons for a Dying Watermelon Peperomia Dropping Curling Leaves

The watermelon peperomia is a good-looking houseplant, that belongs to the flowering species of the Piperaceae family. It is also known as watermelon begonia, due to its exclusive display. Dropping and curling leaves of Watermelon Peperomia: Enough bright light in a warm climate with adequate watering to keep the soil moist and once a month … Read more