Bougainvillea Dropping Leaves & Not Flowering (Reasons & Fix)

Plant Care Bougainvillea Not Flowering

Bougainvillea plant is a flowering shrub that is usually cultivated for its stunning blossoms. It is an ornamental vining plant in the family of Nyctaginaceae and native to eastern South Korea. Bougainvillea mostly cultivates on higher grounds or hillside areas. Plants display heavenly beauty while blooming in a cluster over an uplifted vessel. It contains … Read more

9 Climbing Fruit Plants & Vines That Bear Fruits

Easy to grow fruiting climbing plants vines for small space

Fruiting climbing plants/ fruit vines are the best option to go with if you have limited space for gardening and yet, dream of some cropping plants in your yard. Some gardeners may fear growing climbing and vining fruit plants in vertical positions. But not to worry anymore, as we emerge with some pro tips for … Read more