English Ivy Quick Care & Propagation: Low Light Tolerant

Low light tolerant English Ivy Plant

English ivy is a wonderful low-light tolerant houseplant that can cultivate in plenty of ways. This species of ivy family can provide some useful health benefits too, while grown indoors. Also, it is one of the best picks for a vertical garden. However, you can grow them normally in a small balcony garden or any … Read more

9 Quick Tips: How to Take Care of Fittonia/Nerve Plant

How to Take Care of Fittonia - Nerve Plant Care Quick Tips

Fittonia or nerve plant is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that belongs to the genus of an acanthus family(Acanthaceae). Despite being native to the tropical rainforest of South Africa, Fittonia is very easy to take care of, if you know the proper procedure. Here is a simple tutorial for how to take care of Fittonia at … Read more

How to Care For an Indoor Peace Lily: Prune and Propagate

How to care for an indoor peace lily plant prune and propagate

Peace lilies are one of the favorites for indoor gardeners for their super glossy leaves and pleasant flowers. So, let’s have a quick overview and step by step ideas for the peace lily plant watering, pruning, and propagation. Why have peace lily plants at home: Benefits A lovely plant that forgives you, even if you … Read more