Begonia Quick Care Tips

If you like to cultivate ornamental plants indoors, then, begonia is probably the most excellent one to go with.

One of the Best

With bright indirect light for 4-6 hours and a high humid climate, begonia plants grow stunning foliage with astonishing blossoms

Sunlight Needs

Avoid overwatering and root rot, with proper care your begonias will survive indoors for 2 to 3 years happily without any issue. Being root bound they don't demand repotting often.

Repotting & Overwatering

• Soil: It likes sandy, loose soil with pH 5.2 to 6.0. • Sunlight: Indirect or filtered sunlight • Location: East or west-facing window

Soil & Location

• Watering: Moist well drained not soggy • Fertilizer: Fertile soil with a balanced fertilizer • Repotting: Doesnt require repotting often • Propagation: Rex begonias / Tuberous Begonias can be propagated in water

Fertilizer & Needs

Make bushy: Pinching begonia stem tips may help to produce more stems for bushy appearance  • Allow soil to dry between watering and skip watering in winter

Make Begonia Bushy