Yucca Cane Plant Care

Quick Care Tips


Yes it is a slow-growing plant but its easy maintenance and pest resistance make it an ideal indoor plant.

As an Indoor Plant

Yucca plants love full sun and tolerate partial shade.

Sunlight Needs

Yes yucca plants can be grown in the bedroom, with enough sunlight provided for the plant it can happily keep your bedroom greenish.

Yucca for Bedroom

1. Drooping leaves 2. Yellowish or discoloured foliage 3. Falling leaves 4. Leaves become brittle 5. Brown leaf edges and tips 6. Leaves will stretch out 7. Spotty and wilting foliage 8. And morbid as well as dying stem  - more at Trulyhandpicked

Signs of Dying Yucca

Air Purifier: Apart from its drought-tolerant nature it is flexible and one of the top-rated plants for indoor air purification

As an  Air Purifier

Easy to Propagate

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